A Toronto Based Creative Company Since 1999

Phoenix Wise Solutions is a creative web design agency based in Toronto and GTA. Our core skills focus on website design/development, branding design, commercial video and SEO and in particular where they all meet. We constantly strive to maintain and update our knowledge, expertise and service offerings in order to best serve our clients’ needs. We have a long standing track record in our chosen design and development, and we have been working with our diverse client base of Private and Public Sector businesses and organisation since 2000 to deliver website and eCommerce solutions across the Canada and around the World.


Effect is the first priority

Our first priority is always the effect of the designs. We strive to offer the most effective and perfect designs to our clients, regardless of the size of the project.  All our clients appreicate our dedication and professionalism.  As a result we are able to maintain very good relationship with our clients.


We have served over 30 different industries

We have served more than 100 corporations of varied sizes, in over 30 industries. They include but are not limited to:

  • Real estate: Houses, Condos, Real Estate Developer.
  • Restaurant: Sushi, Hot Pot, Food Delivery.
  • Health & Medical: Natural Food, Supplement, Health Centre, Dental Warehouse, Biotech Lab.
  • Services: Immigration, SPA, School, College, Association, Law Firm, Transportation.
  • Beauty: Handbag, Scarf, Accessory, Uniform, Hair Extensions.
  • Automotive: ATV, Auto parts, Hardware, Tools.
  • Electrical: LED, Solar Energy, Surveillance System.
  • Home: Drapery, Lighting, Bath, Furniture, Flooring, Landscaping, Countertop,
  • Others: Golf, Blower, Trophy, Collection.

One stop shop services

With the very wide experience and resources that we have accumulated over the past decade, Phoenix Wise is able to serve our clients with one stop shop services including corporate strategy consulting, advertisement and design planning etc.. Our value is to help our clients to realise their corporation's dream ahead of plan. You are welcome to give us a call at 416-875-5822 and we can have a chat about your corporation's dream.


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