Logo Design

A logo is a significant business identity for a company in its advertisment & promotion, as well as external communications. The value of the logo will grow together with the company. Every company needs a good logo and a unique visual identity system. These elements will bring a leap-forward to your business. We can also provide a full package of Visual Identity design services which include over 100 different items. Our brand design services include: logo, business card, letterhead, note paper, envelope, corporate bag etc..


Printing Design

A well designed promotional flyer communicates to the customers not only the products and services, but also the company's brand and culture. We can help you to present your understanding of the customers and market in a way that is more novel, visually attractive and functional. It is one of the most effective promotions that make your products and services more attractive. Our printing design services include: flyers, posters, brochures, pamphlets, business catalogues, books, calendars, invitations, cards.


Advertising Design

Companies spend their budget in advertising in order to:
1. Help the company to strike the balance of sales and reach the business goals.
2. Enhance the company's reputations and popularity, and as a result obain supports from the governments and banks.
3. Extend its brand value and help promote other products of the company. We have acute judgement in advertising market, strong co-ordination ability and we insist on designing the most effective advertisement!


Packaging Design

The packaging of a product is the first message that you deliver to your customers in all stores. Good product packaging will not only attract consumers' attention but also lead to consumers' buying action. This is what people said: ' Packaging is your silent sales person.' Our packaging design services include: product modelling design, product package design, package interior structure design.



With our unique aesthetic views and over 10 years of experience in photography aesthetics, we strive to offer the perfect photography works for our clients. We also offer professional photo editing services including but not limited to color editing, image editing and graphic design. Our photography services include: products, models, corporate image, achitecture, sample rooms etc..