Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Custom Optimization

Our Custom Solution is completely scalable and is designed to catapult businesses, even in the most competitive industries, to the top. Create new revenue streams month after month, get noticed and overcome challenging traffic obstacles with a plan designed specifically for you.

Get higher returns on your investment.

We got our start providing premium SEO services to advertising agencies at wholesale prices. Our closest competitors charge (on average) 6 times more for the services they offer to try and match level of exposure we offer our clients. We've been in business for a long time and thanks to our large infrastructure and operational efficiencies, we're able to be more cost-effective. Naturally, we're happy to pass those savings along to you!

We offer a 100% White Hat solution.

We've been adapting our client's websites to meet Google's evaluation requirements for well over a decade. Their guiding principle is the same as ours, to provide the most relevant and helpful results possible when customers are looking for businesses online. If you're the right fit, we'll make sure they find you.

We'll put you everywhere

We understand that SEO is about branching out and achieving continuous growth online. We'll network your business in key areas to bring you highly marketing-qualified leads so that you can more easily convert them into sales.


Multi-platform PPC

About Multi-Platform PPC (Pay Per Click)

Google is the most popular place to advertise, and also the most expensive. Get more out of your investment with Multi-Platform PPC by reaching your audience through a diverse portfolio of online platforms.

Featured Platforms

We serve your ads on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Youtube and diverse Content Networks. We’ll manage all of your accounts at once, for an integrated solution that optimizes your entire campaign, not just an Ad Words account.

Advanced Targeting

We target your ads by city, state/province or country. Depending on your unique business, we may optimize for time of day, category of interest, age, gender, device (mobile, tablets, desktops) and more with different ad formats. We’ll help you expand your reach and reduce bidding costs with advanced targeting optimization.

Analytics $ Tracking

Analytics System tracks your campaign based on the metrics we set with you as KPI’s. First we take a bird’s eye look at how all of your different campaigns are working. Then, review how your budget is being used for each and find areas for improvement based on interaction rates. We also consider how your various ad channels affect each other to serve your ads in the optimal proportions for your business and industry.


Google Advertising

Do you need more sales right away?

Google Advertising puts your business in front of large audiences in an instant. Over 90% of North Americans reach for Google within 1-3 minutes when they want answers. If you're looking for immediate business, sponsored advertising is a premium choice for generating high-quality traffic quickly. Customers are most likely to click on sponsored ads when they've already done research and are ready to make a purchase. Being in front of them at this critical point can triple your traffic!

Cost Advantages of Professional Google Advertising Management

Many people have tried Google AdWords, but business owners often express their frustration to us about the increasing bid costs in their industries. A large portion of business owners have all but given up on the service that used to generate hundreds of calls a month for their companies. The truth is, that while the prices for traditional bidding have gone up, the targeting opportunities for campaigns have also expanded!


Video Marketing

Do you need a faster way to get your sales messages across?

Video marketing allows you to literally speak to your prospects in a simple and direct way to sell your products and services. Yet amazingly, over 90% of companies are unaware of the impact that videos have on their target audience.Text-heavy websites are great for SEO, but there is nothing like using Video to improve the number of conversions on your website, or to go viral on Social Media. Not only can we work with you to create dynamic sales or content marketing videos, but we can also provide VSEO to make sure that they get seen by your target audience all over the web!

We're video SEO experts

We have a deep understanding of online algorythms and how they prioritize content because we've been working with them for many years. We have literally built our entire business on this expertise. With VSEO, ranking high can be much easier than with websites. Some of our clients have even achieved their desired positions within 1 month of starting our service!


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Do you need your social messages to reach larger audiences?

Our social PPC allows you to grow the size of your social following by promoting your company's social pages and best posts with sponsored advertising on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Build an audience to increase the impact of your social accounts, increase online interaction with your brand and get more qualified leads from Social Media.

Cost Advantages of Professional Social PPC Management

Creating a strategy and setting up targeted ads across a diverse set of social platforms can be an exhaustive process. Each interface operates differently, with a variety of bid-cost standards and norms to be considered for best results. Working with a professional social media campaign manager allows you to save money and acquire more relevant placement in front of your target audience by structuring your campaigns efficiently and regularly monitoring their progress.