New Improvement In Order Statuses Management

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New feature for extra Order Statuese added

One of the most significant features on eCommerce system is handling the customer orders. There is one “Don’t Miss” feature of the newest system we develop for customer is that: Improved Order Statuses management.

Back to the earlier time of 2012, we found our clients requested “custom order status” all the time. They want add the custom order statuses to the system and able to assign those to relevant customer orders. We have to rewrite most of coding for that part, and added the custom statuses title to the configuration file.

Now, there is no need to do any coding job and you can easily custom your Order Statuses via the web backend. You can add and name any status, liked: Order pending CreditCard confirm, or Customer money order payment completed, etc. That’s really cool and easy to use for our customers.


Step 1. Open your website back-end

Login to the web backend, check on the main menu -/ “System” -/ “Order Statuses” -/ on this order statuses listing page, you can create your own statuses and assign those statuses to the particular order state.


Step 2. Create your own status   

Hit that new button on the up right corner, key in your own Status Lable, let’s say “Order Completed” for example.


Now you can see all you need to do is key in the status code and status label which you need.
Let’s input “Order Completed” on above.


Step 3. Assign custom status to state

This part is quite simple, you can assign the custom status to specific state. Let’s say there was an order under “Processing” state, and you received the customer’s Credit Card info on the phone, now you are thinking to create a customer status which is “Order Completed” and assign it to this “Processing” state order,  because the customer has paid the order via phone, but your web system didn’t catch that offline payment.

Back to the backend main menu -/ “System” -/ “Order Statuses” -/ “Assign Status”


Click the “Save” button once you select relevant status for Order State.

 After save it, you can find your custom order status in Order Management


 Additoinal Info: Order Workflow

For better understanding of the Order Workflow and assign your custom status, please check on the following diagram: