Setting Up Google Analytics On Your Website

Google Analytics 2015 overview

Google Analytics is a free but powerful Google service which allows the web site administrators to monitor their web sites’ traffic, audience details and visitors behavior. That helps web admin learning their customers well.

Back to the old time, developers have to deploy the Google Analytics code to the header or footer of the website coding. Just liked this

google analytics code sample

We have noticed that some developers still tend to embed the Google Analytics code by using aboved old school method. That works indeed, but you will only find the standard traffic data in Google Analytics, but the eCommerce data will not be collected. For the eCommerce website, Google offer you more sales conversion ratio data if you configure your website properly

First you need to read the Google Analytics instruction and sign up an account. You will receive a Google Analytics account number. Write it down since you will need it for your eCommerce site configuration lately.


You have to set up your Google Analytics profile to let Google know you have an eCommerce website.

google analytics ecommerce

Now, you need to configure the Google Analytics Tracking ID in your site admin panel. Open the your Admin area and navigate to System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Google API and expand the Google Analytics section.

Google API 2

Pick the Yes option from the Enable drop-down menu. Enter the Google Analytics account number in the Account number field and click on the Save Config button.

The format of the number is: UA-########-##.

That’s it, the Google Analytics code is added to your site. You should find the traffic data have been collected in Google Analytics after few hours.