Customize Your In-Site Search Engine Property On ECommerce Site

009 Customize search

We recently received a question about How to make Stock Number or Product Description as searchable content. Answer to this question is quite simple, only few seconds you can easily define which Product Attribute can be search on the storefront.

What is an Attribute in your product properties.

An attribute represents a property of a product, such as: its name, image, SKU, color, price, description and so on. Attributes enable you to add new product properties without having to write a single line of code or to add any columns to our database. Understanding attributes is crucial for making your store easy to use for customers. You assign attributes to your products in order to enable your customers and search engines to find them more easily.

Let’s say I would like the customer being able to search a keyword “cashmere scarf” on my site, then web system should return the products which have that keyphase located in Product Description.

Step 1: Manage Attributes

Please find out what attributes belong to that specific Attribute Set you going to edit. That’s been said if you going to edit Fashion Accessories products data, then you better check on which Attribute Set has been assigned to that products and what attributes along with that Attribute Set.

Login to your admin backend Dashboard and navigate to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes.   A list of existing attributes is displayed

attribute management

Click on the attribute you want to customize the search property. Let’s say “Description” attribute,

attribute 2

Step 2: Update the Search property of the Attribute 

Click on the “Description” attribute shown on above.

attribute search property

Select “Yes” to Use in Quick Search and Use in Advanced Search , then save.


Step 3: Flush Cache Storage and Reindex

 Last step you might need to perform cache cleanup and reindex.

Now back to the storefront and try search a keyphase, you should see the search results generated more relevant products. It helps representing more products by customized searching properties.